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Washington DC Movers Think Environmental For Earth Month

Welcome back to the Western Express weekly blog update, where we discuss all things home and moving. To continue with our theme from last week: National Earth Month, today we thought we would talk about sustainability within the home. There are many ways that Washington DC movers can be conscious of the environment within their homes, without needing to change lifestyles. We will mention a few of them for you, to get the conversation started.

  1. Start a compost – If you have a yard, start a pile back away from the house. You can keep a container with a lid in your kitchen and put any compostable material into it (fruit/vegetable matter, egg shells, leftover grains – anything except meat and processed foods). If you don’t have a yard, find somebody local with a garden or a farm that you can bring your material to once a week. Composted material is great for a garden, and great for the earth!
  2. Be conscious of paper/plastic bags – Reuse paper and stay away from plastic! Plastic is harmful to the environment and does not decompose. You can also buy a reusable bag in the grocery store, which you can use each time you go shopping.
  3. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs – they screw into the typical light bulb socket, but use far less electricity. You won’t need to change them as often!
  4. Install a solar water-heater – It is both energy effective and cost effective!
  5. Recycle! – Separate your recyclables from your garbage. If you don’t get recycling picked up regularly, set a goal to drop off your cans and boxes a couple of times a month to a local recycling center. It makes a difference!

There are many other ways to take steps towards living a more environmentally friendly life. Do some of your own research if you’re interested! Conducting sustainable projects is a great way to get the whole family involved, and make your home a better place to live.

Happy Earth Month!

Western Express, Your Trusted Washington DC Movers

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Washington, DC Movers Celebrate National Earth Month

Welcome back to the Western-Express weekly blog update, where we discuss all things moving! As your trusted Washington, DC movers, we’d like to take a moment to discuss the great outdoors! April is National Earth month, and as spring is now well underway, we thought we’d talk about earth-related activities that you can consider in the new season.

If you’ve just moved, now is the perfect time to explore your new surroundings. Are there any parks nearby that you haven’t been to yet? Have you checked out your local farmer’s market? These are great things to look into if you’re new to an area. Try going on a picnic or taking a walk. Go see what you can find in and around your new town. Farmer’s markets and flea markets are great opportunities to go meet your new neighbors and community members.

What about planting a garden in your new back yard, patio, or deck pots? Whether you are growing crops or just simply eating them (if you’ve been to the farmer’s market), here is a great guide of when to harvest different crops depending on where you are. You can also search for local farmers depending on your location!

April is National Earth month, so as your trusted Washington, DC movers, we’re encouraging you to go and get outside! If you’re planning an upcoming move but haven’t moved yet, you can still look up these things ahead of time so that you have something to do once you get to your new town. Go online and look up local fun things to do wherever you’re going. Check to see which day the market is and look up local festivals.

Happy spring!

Western-Express, your trusted Washington, DC movers

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Choosing Safe and Reliable Washington DC Movers

Welcome back to moving news and tips from Western Express, your trusted Washington DC movers! This week is National Consumer Protection week, and with the busiest moving season of the year right around the corner, we’d like to take a moment to discuss moving fraud, and how to go about staying informed and protected through your residential or commercial move.

Moving fraud happens more often than you’d think, therefore it is important that you Protect your move from potential scam artists who may pose as a reliable moving company or supplier. The web link above offers great resources on how to choose trustworthy Washington DC movers, be an informed consumer regarding your rights and responsibilities, and if you happen to need to, file a complaint regarding a faulty mover.

As your reliable Washington DC movers, Western Express is committed to protecting our valued customers. While we cannot make your moving decisions for you, we hope that you will take the initiative to be an informed mover. Of course, we’d love for you to move with us, but the important thing is safety, so be safe, andbe smart. Feel free to give us a call to speak with a friendly representative if you have any questions regarding the moving process.

Best of luck!

Western Express, your trusted Washington DC Movers

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Washington, DC Mover Suggests Quick Fixes-Repairing Home before Sale

Welcome Back to Western Express, your go to Washington, DC mover for resources, tips, and services to make your entire move process a smooth success!

With a grand portion of the United States under weather-watch from a string of continuous snow storms, we thought we’d take the time to check in about winter home maintenance. Are you a future Washington DC mover? Planning an upcoming move? A good way to make sure that your home is ready for market is to take inventory. We touched on this in the last article, concerning personal items, but it is also important to take inventory of the condition of your dwelling. Does anything need to be replaced or repaired in order to sell the house for its maximum value?

If there is a repair that needs to be done, an appliance replacement, or painting, winter is the time to get it sorted so that come market time, your home sticks out on the housing market as a great buy. Take some time this winter to walk around your home and property with a notepad and note repairs and touch-ups that need attention. Prepare your action plan for taking care of any noticeable issues. As a future Washington DC mover, we thought you might find it helpful to read this great article on“Repairs Before Home Selling Return Rewards”. Click Here toread about the quick fixes that make all the difference in selling your home for top dollar.

Whether you fix the repairs on your own, find somebody to do it for you, or start putting a little money aside so that you can hire a company sometime soon, now is the time for an action plan. Come market time, your home will be a shining star. So get painting, caulking and touching up. It can really go a long way in terms of the value and appeal of your home.

Wishing you all the best this winter,

 Western Express, your Western Express mover for all your moving & storage needs.

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Get a Jump on Spring with Winter Moving Deals!

Western Express Partners with The Washington Post & Service Alley

For the first time ever, Western Express is offering up a “Capital Deal” with the Washington Post’s version of “Angie’s List”. The exclusive deal, put together especially for the Capital Deal, is based on three offers which include two moving professionals and a truck for a predetermined amount of time. Check out the deal for yourself online at

And don’t forget, Western Express also offers comprehensive storage services, so now is the perfect time to get a jump on your spring cleaning!

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Western Express Announces New Partnership with

Hyattsville, MD – Western Express, Inc., announced today a new affiliation with Unpakt , an innovative moving service that allows customers to review, book and manage their relocation needs on-line.

“Working with Unpakt is an exciting, cutting-edge way to offer customers a new option to the typical moving process,” said Pavlos C. Livanios, Senior Executive at Western Express.

“We are an older relocation and shipping company, deeply experienced in the traditional aspects of moving, however, combining our services with Unpakt’s online technology gives us yet another angle to modernize and propel our industry through the 21st century,” said Livanios.

Unpakt allows customers to enter their household criteria, review corresponding quotes from competing companies, and book their moves all online.

“In developing a better moving experience for customers, Unpakt strives to identify and engage the best, most professional movers in America. We are thrilled to welcome Western Express as a verified Unpakt moving partner. With more than 80 years in the industry, Western Express is a paramount example of dedication to delivering customers an exceptional and hassle-free moving experience,” said Sharone Ben-Horosh, Founder of Unpakt.

“We welcome the ease and convenience Unpakt provides, delivering customers our cost competitive services side-by-side with some of our competitors. We support Unpakt’s creative mission to revolutionize the moving industry, and we are confident our customers will continue to find Western Express’s services unmatched,” said Livanios.

Established in 1928, Western Express was originally a Baltimore based business, but recently came under new ownership and is now based in the metro Washington, DC area. To read more about Western Express, please visit the website at

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Western Express Congratulates Philanthropic Partner, Move for Hunger

Hunger Relief Charity Delivers Milestone Achievement

Hyattsville, MD- Western Express, the Global Moving and Relocation Company, congratulates philanthropic partner, Move for Hunger, a nationwide hunger relief organization based in Neptune, NJ for moving more than 1,000,000 lbs. of food! The organization collected the provisions for donations from their extensive network, of which Western Express is a member, hitting the million pound milestone in December 2012.

“All of us at Western Express are deeply impressed with Move for Hunger’s achievement,” said Senior Executive Pavlos C. Livanios. “We are proud to support this outstanding organization that literally puts the old saying, ‘one person’s trash is another’s treasure’ into action,” he said.

Team Move for Hunger, represented at the IAM Conference, took a break from their heavy lifting in October to enjoy a bite to eat at the Western Express cocktail reception.

Team Move for Hunger, represented at the IAM Conference, took a break from their heavy lifting in October to enjoy a bite to eat at the Western Express cocktail reception.

“We’d like to thank our partners from across the relocation industry for their continued support in helping to cross this major milestone and we look forward to expanding our fight against hunger to deliver at least 1,000,000 lbs. every year,” said Move for Hunger’s Founder and Executive Director, Adam Lowy.

“During a move, many individuals throw away canned goods and other provisions without ever considering the difference they could impress on another’s life,” said Livanios.

“It’s truly amazing to think we have been able to impact so many people in just 3 years,” said Lowy.

“With Move for Hunger’s impressive record, Western Express will continue supporting the organization as long as we continue relocating families and individuals,” said Livanios.

Western Express is one of 650 relocation companies working with Move for Hunger. The non-profit company partners with members of the relocation industry to collect non-perishable food items from those who are relocating and delivers those items to the people who need it most. Since its founding in 2009, more than 1,080,000 lbs. of food has been delivered to food banks across the United States and Canada.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the movers, real estate professionals and move managers who make up the Move for Hunger network, 830,000 plus meals have been provided to those in need.

For more information as to how your move can help the hungry, visit Move for Hunger on the web at

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Western Express Featured in the IAM Magazine

Read more here.


The complete IAM Magazine can be seen online at

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International Client Forum

As part of the IAM Speakers Forum, an “International Client Forum” was held Saturday morning, October 13, 2012. Included in the panel were participants from the World Bank, the US Department of State, US General Services Administration, Marriott International Relocation Services, as well as Brookfield Global Relocation Services. IAM President Terry Head moderated the event which was built solely arround Q & A from the international audience. DOS’s Luis Roque was congratulated on his dedication and service to the industry. Roque is retiring from his post in February of 2013.

IAM President Terry Head moderates an International Client Forum as part of the 2012 IAM Conference.

IAM President Terry Head moderates an International Client Forum as part of the 2012 IAM Conference.

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Western Express Welcomes New Hawaiian Connection

Macadamia Nuts & chocolates

Western Express Team Member Pavlos Livanios welcomes Ernest Mortimomo from Precision Moving and Storage in Kapolei, HI. The 2012 IAM Conference offers opportunities for Western Express to build connections with key industry representatives like Moritmomo, as well as exchange gifts from company home states like Maryland’s Lindt Chocolates for Hawaiian Macadamias.


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